At the Middle School level, Drona's International School provides an option of choosing second language and one of activity related vocation (art, drama, music) as per their interests and comfort level.

English Curriculum

The middle school English curriculum is expanded beyond the primary school emphasizing on understanding of different varieties of prose, poetry, drama, and non-fiction texts. To cultivate and nurture self reading habits, the school has a fully fledged School Library with over 10,000 titles related to various topics and subjects.

Science Curriculum

The students are introduced to a wider range of scientific topics as it's a critical phase of transformation towards more rigorous academic work. The curriculum has been designed providing students with ample opportunity for practical investigations and proper understanding of the concepts.

Math Curriculum

The curriculum fosters problem solving, logical reasoning and analytical skills development. The teaching process even at the middle school is just an extension of what is practiced in the primary section i.e. conceptually learning by relating it to the real world scenarios.

Social Science

Social science enables students to become aware of the community, their immediate environment, the neighborhood as well as distant lands and their people. A clear understanding of the political/social structure of the government and the democratic processes is given through role-play, mock sessions and visits to relevant places. Availability of the interactive boards in each class room makes each experience much more real and tangible.