The environment to which a child is exposed strongly impacts the development of his or her personality. Physical training at Drona's International School goes beyond participation in sports and games. Our objective is to inculcate the healthy spirit of competition, nurture the will to excel and develop spontaneity. Research proves that active participation in activities outside the classroom has a direct impact on performance inside it. The students are inspired and encouraged to take up events seriously while maintaining the fun factor in them. This can be reflected through various competitive events.

Our programmes are developed and implemented by experienced professionals to benefit a child mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. Qualified instructors are brought in to impart training in music, Karate, Skating, Pottery, Dance etc. These professionals have good work experience and are involved with the best CBSE schools in Uttarakhand and other parts of the country.

We assure utmost care during non-academic activities which is why there is a great stress on our play area infrastructure in our school. We believe in providing ample opportunities and platforms to each and every child to build leadership and dynamic qualities. At the start of the academic session, the yearly activity plan is handed over to the students and parents informing them of each week's activity in advance. Our activities include field trips to interesting and relevant places, regular guest lectures, workshops for special skills, celebration of festivals and competitions.